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Free Tool : PVE POP3 Collector v1.2 released today

After working a couple of weeks on the POP3 Collector, I’m happy to anounce the general availability of v1.2 of the free PVE POP3 Collector.  The new version can be downloaded from this link.

The new version starts at, because of a bug in the 1.1 branch update-check routines.

New features in this version include :

Redesign of account management dialog.

All options are now grouped and spread across multiple tab sheets.  At this point, there are 3 tabsheets availabe : Incoming mail settings, Outgoing mail settings and Anti-spam.  A fourth tabsheet called “Attachments” is not in use yet.

As a result of the anti-spam implementation (see later), the schema of the userconfig.xml file has been extended with 12 fields.  The schema will now be verified when the application is launched.

Before upgrading to this new version, I highly recommend making a backup of the userconfig.xml file.


Remove old emails from a POP3 Server

When you have selected the option to leave emails on a POP3 server, you can now also enable to remove emails from the POP3 server if they are older than a certain amount of days.




This new version allows you to check incoming emails for Spam, using 3 methods :

Check the IP addresses in the header against open relay databases, such as Spamhaus, etc…  Before you can enable this feature, go to “Options”, “Preferences” and define at least one ORDB :


In order for this feature to work correctly, the host running the collector must be able to perform DNS lookups on the internet.  Also, try to put the most up-to-date server the first in the list, because it will speed up the process. As soon as the message is found in one of the databases, the other databases are not verified anymore. So if the first ordb server in the list already returns positive data, no other DNS lookups will be performed for that email.

You can find more information about ORDB databases at,,

If you are receiving emails via an internal smtp relay, that already checks for spam, then you can add these IP addresses to a list of hosts that should be ignored.

After saving these settings, you can enable anti-spam on an account basis :


As you can see in the screenshot above, you can also check for a certain string in the subject of the mail, or compare the value in a specific header field.

The actions that can be taken when spam is detected is :

– forward to the original recipients

– forward to a specific email address (such as a quarantine mailbox)

– drop (delete) the email without further notice.

If you selected to forward the email (either to the original recipients or a fixed email address), you can prepend text to the subject, and/or set a specific header value.


Support Forum

For those of you that don’t know this yet : there is a support forum for this (and all my other free tools). Please use this forum to post any bugs/problems that you encounter when running this tool.

The PVE POP3 Collector forum can be found at PVE POP3 Collector

© 2009, Corelan Team (corelanc0d3r). All rights reserved.

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