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How strong is your fu : Hacking for charity

ninja Last weekend, Offensive Security hosted their second cyber hacking challenge, called "HSIYF For Charity".

The goal of this challenge was to raise money for Johnny Long’s  "Hackers for Charity" project, a charity organization that tries to feed children, build computer labs etc in East Africa.  Each challenger had to donate $49 to be able to participate in the challenge.  That money will be transferred/donated to HFC.

Unfortunately, I could not participate myself this time, but I still had a lot fun watching everybody suffer while trying to break into one of the 5 machines.

After talking with some of the participants, I noticed that this challenge was a lot harder than the first HSIYF tournament. 

That having said, I am extremely proud and honoured to be able to announce that the top 4 winners are all Corelan Team members ! On top of that, these 4 people are the only ones who owned 3 out of the 5 machines within 48 hours.  I know, from first hand, that – 2 minutes before the vpn connections were closed – they were about to own a 4th machine.  Since the winners were known already by then, offsec decided to re-open the VPN again, and 5 minutes later, sinn3r and tecr0c successfully owned the 4th box. (don’t believe me ? ask muts & ruyjin about it :D )



Congratulations to _sinn3r (wins a free entrance ticket to BlackHat Vegas), TecR0c (wins a free Offsec CTP course), Lincoln and nulltreat (ranked 3rd and 4th)

You guys did an awesome job ! 

As soon as some documentation can be made available, I will post a link.

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