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BlackHat Europe 2011 / Preview


Things change.

11 months have passed since a lot of people found themselves trapped all over Europe (including Barcelona) because of a little volcano ash cloud thingy.

This is 2011.

This time BlackHat anticipated and outsmarted nature by rescheduling the Europe briefings to march (instead of april). Hah, even if someone in Japan decided to inject a radio-active cloud into the atmosphere, it still wouldn’t get here in time.  We should be safe, right ?

Timing/Schedule isn’t the only thing that has changed.   Apparently somebody at BlackHat HQ decided to get a bit creative…  Check out the image of a “bull” on a banner next to the con entry door :


Wow- fine piece of art. You can check out the other images too on the BlackHat website :


What else has changed ?

Last year, the BlackHat bags were blue. This year, they are black.  Color is not that important, and after all, this is BlackHat, not BlackBag or BlueBag…

Unfortunately, after looking at the contents of the bag, I got the impression Europe has got the leftovers from BH DC 2011 (which was held earlier this year)…. The program guide in the bag is the one from BH DC, not the one from BH Europe.  Anyways, that’s not really a problem, and I’m not trying to be negative or anything. I’m just saying.

So far, the changes makes sense…  that is, until I received my badge at the registration desk a few hours ago (wednesday evening).

It’s pink.  I didn’t see that one coming. Okay, apparently I broke the registration system (they had to print my badge a couple of times until it looked the way we wanted – looks like it didn’t like ‘corelanc0d3r’ in one of their records), but pink… seriously guys :-)

As _sinn3r said : “Pink is the new black” !

Or..… Oh… Now I know… Maybe it’s pink because they knew my wife & little girl are joining me on this trip…  :)




The conference has 3 tracks, and one of those 3 tracks are workshops (track “Applied Knowledge”), which is a good evolution I think.  The other 2 tracks are grouped into 4 topics :

Day 1 : Core Attacks and Application Dissection

Day 2 : Infrastructure Rationale and Chip & Code


Before leaving for Barcelona this morning, I went through the schedules, and picked a couple of talks I would like to attend. I’ll use 2 posts (tomorrow and on saturday) to share my impressions/conclusions, so stay tuned.

My schedule looks like this :

Thursday (Day 1) :

[Core Attacks] – New Age Attacks Against Apple’s iOS (and Countermeasures) / Nitesh Dhanjani

[Core Attacks] – Escaping from Microsoft Windows Sandboxes / Tom Keetch

[Application Dissection] – Web Application Payloads / Andrés Riancho

[Application Dissection] – SAP : Session (Fixation) Attacks and Protections (in Wep Applications) / Raul Siles

[Core Attacks] – Exploitation in the Modern Era / Chris Valasek & Ryan Smith

[Keynote] – CyberWar (Bruce Schneier)


Friday (Day 2) :

[Infrastructure Rationale] – Fuzzing and Debugging Cisco IOS / Sebastian Muniz & Alfredo Ortega

[Chip and Code] – Stuxnet Redux: Malware Attribution & Lessons Learned / Tom Parker

[Chip and Code] – Building Custom Disassemblers / Felix ‘FX’ Lindner

[Infrastructure Rationale] – Building Floodgates: Cutting-Edge Denial of Service Mitigation / Yuri Gushin & Alex Behar

[Infrastructure Rationale] – You are Doing it Wrong: Failures in Virtualization Systems /  Claudio Criscione

[Chip and Code] – Exporting Non-Exportable RSA Keys / Jason Geffner


So, if you want to hang out, you’ll know where to find me… Just look out for the dude in the Corelan T-Shirt :)


C y’all tomorrow…

… and I really hope at least the front row seats will have power cord this time. That would make a lot of people/bloggers like me very happy !

Finally, quick “tip of the day” : If you talk with someone who is not a native english speaker, and if that person tells you to “fuck us”… then note that he probably mean you have to “focus”. Could be a nuclear radiation issue or so… dunno


© 2011, Peter Van Eeckhoutte (corelanc0d3r). All rights reserved.

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