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Black Hat Europe 2013 – Preview


Hola dear friends,

There’s only a few days left until Black Hat Europe 2013 opens its doors in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Just like past years, I’ll be covering some of the briefings (semi) live on I’ve you’re a speaker – I’ll be the dude in the front row, typing like a maniac and taking pictures. :)

Anyways, if all goes well, I plan on attending the following talks:

March 14:

March 15:

(of course, all of this is subject to change – It all depends on who I bump into :) )

Mobile App

Black Hat visitors can take advantage of the new Black Hat Europe Mobile App, which should make navigation at the event on-site very easy.

You can view the full list of sessions in the Agenda, create your personalized schedule, locate exhibitors you want to visit, review venue maps and more.

Plus, they’ve included the ability to rate each of the Briefings you attend. When you select a specific session within the Agenda, you’ll see a “Surveys” icon. Simply touch/click the icon and fill in your ratings of each session you attend.

This free app is now available for the iPhone/iPad, Android and other mobile devices. Select your version and download here:


The official Twitter hashtag for the event is #BlackHatEU

Wanna hang out ?

I should be in the hotel on Wednesday evening. If anyone cares to join me for food/drinks, let me know.

See you in a few days !

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