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Corelan official IRC channel online (freenode)


Some of you may have already noticed … Corelan team decided to open an official channel on IRC (freenode).  About 24 hours ago, the channel went live and we have had the pleasure to greeting about 50 users in the channel since that time. 

That’s great ! As a lot of people mentioned in the last 24 hours : I guess we should have done this a lot earlier. 

The irc channel should provide you with an easy way to allow people to chat with Corelan Team members and other people who are interested in IT security, exploit development, etc. 

imageAn IRC channel may not be the best place to discuss / ask questions about exploit writing. Depending on the type of question and the expected size of the answer, we may have to ask you to open a forum post instead.

Don’t complain about it. Accept it. If we ask you to open a forum post instead, we probably have a good reason. So head over to the forums at and open the post. 

The IRC channel is not a replacement for our forums. It’s just a way to reach out, talk and ask questions.  You are encouraged to ask questions (related to exploit writing, or any IT security related question you have)…

Whether you are a beginner or an expert… it certainly doesn’t matter.   You will not get flamed for asking questions, you won’t get a "try Google" when asking questions….  Nobody was born with all knowledge.  The only thing we ask from you is to try your best to learn and to share knowledge.

Some basic channel rules :

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We encourage you to ask questions, but make sure they are more or less related with IT security / exploit writing / etc.
  • Help other people if you can
  • Don’t ask for, or advertise illegal stuff
  • Don’t use the channel to talk about 0day bugs. Contact the vendors first, let them fix, and then you can discuss it
  • Watch your language
  • No room for ego’s
  • No advertising, spamming, etc
  • Be active

We are counting on you to make the channel a success. Without your questions, without your feedback and help, without your input, it’s not going to work !

Enough said – time for you to join us at #corelan !

See you online !

Corelan Team


Note : before actually joining the corelan channel, make sure to register your nick at freenode, and identify upon connecting to freenode (prior to joining the channel).

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