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Corelan T-Shirt contest – Derbycon 2012

If you didn’t register your ticket for the Corelan Live Exploit Development training at Derbycon 2012, then there is bad news for you…   We’re sold out.

Not all is lost though. For the second year in a row, Corelan Team is giving away one free ticket to the Corelan Live training at Derbycon 2012, which includes admission to the conference itself.  Yeah, that’s a $1000 USD gift.

Just like last year, to enter the contest, you will have to create and submit a T-Shirt design, but we’re making it a little harder this year.


Contest rules

This time, you will need to design a front AND a back for the T-Shirt.

Designs should honor/reference Corelan Team, what we do/stand for  and/or  honor/reference, our little exploit development swiss army knife.  Ideally, designs should be made so they can be used on a dark T-Shirt (dark blue, gray, black).

You are allowed to submit multiple designs.  Email  your design(s) to  contest [at] corelan [dot] be.  Please send png files only, with a transparent background.  Make sure quality is good enough to be printed on a T-Shirt, and text elements are not too small to be readable.   You need to submit 2 files, one for the front, one for the back, for each design. Each file can be 6Mb.

The maximum size for images is 10 x 10 inches.

You are allowed to refine graphics and send in updated designs, however we will assume your latest submission is the one that you want to use in the contest.

All designs must be original, must be royalty free and can only contain elements that are royalty free.   By submitting a design, you also agree that we can sell T-Shirts based on your design later on.

To be able to take part of the contest, you will need to provide us with your real name and real email address.  If you have not provided us with your real name & email address when the contest closes (see "deadline" below), your submissions will be excluded from the contest and you won’t be able to win the ticket.

There is only one ticket, and there will be only one winner.  The ticket only includes admission to the training and the conference, it does not cover anything else.

Failure to comply with the rules will automatically exclude that particular design from the contest.



Images must be submitted before august 24th, 20:00 GMT+1. 

Update – The contest is now closed, new submissions will not be accepted anymore at this point.


The winner will be announced on august 26th, on this website, via twitter and via email.


We have received 7 valid submissions before the deadline:





tshirt front logo tshirt back design 1tshirt back design 2


Front_sample Back_sample


Corelan T-Shirt Front Corelan T-Shirt Back



Front Tshirt Back Tshirt






Note : part of this image is not original and may not be royalty free (see

=> disqualified


Let us know what you think

panel management

If you are unable to see the poll above, click here

Note : this is just a poll, Corelan Team will take the final decision !


And the winner is…

Design #6, submitted by Doug Hiwiller (@dash1b)

Congratulations !!!!



© 2012 – 2021, Peter Van Eeckhoutte (corelanc0d3r). All rights reserved.

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