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Hack In The Box Amsterdam 2012 – Preview

In less than a week from now, Hack In The Box Amsterdam will open the doors of its 2012 edition.  The conference will take place in the Okura Hotel, and features 3 days of training, 2 days of quad-track talks, a CTF and HackWEEKDAY, a 12 hour hackathon hosted alongside the actual confererence.

The line-up looks promising, with Andy Ellis and Bruce Schneier giving the keynote talks on may 24th and 25th, and a series of talks that seem to be technical enough to attract an interesting crowd :)

Nothing has been carved in stone yet, but the talks/labs that I plan on attending include:

Similar to what I did at BlackHat Europe earlier this year, I’m going to try to capture notes during the talks and publish them right after, so you can follow the conference from your seat at home or at work.

I’m looking forward to meeting old friends again, making new friends, meeting people for the first time and experience the great atmosphere of information gathering & sharing.  This is the first time I will be attending HITB, but I’m excited about it.

If you happen to be at the conference, and want to hang out and grab a beer with me, let me know!

If not, keep an eye on this website or twitter for updates during the conference, and use the #HITB2012AMS hashtag if you tweet about the conference yourself.


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