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Happy New Year – here’s my special gift to you, corelanc0d3r

I’m not going to spend a lot of words on this. Facts speak for themselves.†

A short while ago, I discovered this:

(you need to register to get access to the thread).† Screenshot :


idle-hands profile :




I registered a useraccount "corelanc0d3r" and used the "Report" button, but for some reason my user account disappeared shortly after that.

So I created another useraccount "corelanc0d3r" and attempted to post a reply to the thread, but I got this message :


So in the end, I had to post my answer to pastebin :

Reply to
Dec 2012

Dear idle-hands,

Let’s assume you did actually take my training (and the Offsec/Sans/Strategic trainings as well).†
Don’t you remember my rant, at the start of the training session, when I explained why it’s a bad thing to see my course material on the internet ? That the course is private and confidential and you are not allowed to share (let alone sell)?
Apart from the reasons I explained during the course, and the fact that you are simply violating copyrights and causing irreparable damage,† it’s just disrespectful to any decent trainer who put his / her heart and soul into building quality classes and going the extra mile in delivering good classes.

What part of that was not clear ?

People like you are the reason why people like me get demotivated.† A single previous incident shook me up for about a year.
This incident is not helping at all. What you are doing is disgusting me again and causing damage to me, personally.
It makes me wonder why I spend all of my spare time in writing stuff, so pricks like you can take advantage of it.
You’re a disgrace to our community and as far as I’m concerned, you’re not even a part of it.† You don’t need to be an infosec professional to understand what ethics and respect are.

I don’t know how many people you have sold the material to, but I hope one of them will come to me and report your name, so I can exclude you from any current and future benefits you have as a former student of my class.

On top of that, I kindly request you to refund each and every person who you sold the material to; and I strongly demand you to stop selling training courses and/or sharing courseware.† Stop being a dick.† Seriously.

Finally, I would like to ask you – grab your balls together, be a man and send me an email, explaining why you are doing this. You know where to find me.


Peter "corelanc0d3r" Van Eeckhoutte

If anyone knows who this idle-hands guy is, please let me know.†

If you are "idle-hands", read my reply and contact me.† Maybe you can undo some damage.



© 2012, Corelan Team (corelanc0d3r). All rights reserved.

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