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How to manually install Dameware Remote client

Manual Installation Instructions:

You can manually install the Dameware Mini Remote Control Client Agent Service (DWRCS.EXE) on any machine, by simply coping the required files to the appropriate directory on the remote machine, and then executing a simple command to install the Client Agent as a Service.

Copy the following files from your DameWare Development installation folder to the System32 folder on the remote machine.

**For Windows 95/98/Me, copy these files to the \Windows\System folder instead of System32:

DWRCST.EXE (only required/found in version 4.4 or higher)

Open a Command Prompt (typically Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt)

Change the default directory to the System32 folder.

Type the following command to install the Service:

DWRCS.EXE -install

However, one additional thing to note is that some Windows Operating Systems do not automatically start a Service during its installation, therefore, you may have to manually start the Service the first time either via DameWare NT Utilities Services View or the machine’s Administrative Tools – Service view (MMC Services Snap-In). You should also be able to accomplish this from the Command Prompt via the Net Start command (be sure and include the quotes around the service name).

Net Start “DameWare Mini Remote Control”

 There’s a second way to install the client. If you look in the installation folder, you might see DWRCSInstall.exe and DWRCSRemove.exe. If you put those files on the client, you can run DWRCSInstall.exe to install the client, and use DWRCSRemove.exe to remove the client again.


Manual Removal Instructions:

Similar to the installation of a Service, some Windows Operating Systems do not automatically stop a Service when it’s removed, which may or may not cause issues if you try to reinstall the Service without rebooting the machine. Therefore, you may want to access the machines Administrative Tools – Services view (MMC Services Snap-In) and Stop the Client Agents before removing the Service. You should also be able to accomplish this from the Command Prompt via the Net Stop command.

Net Stop “DameWare Mini Remote Control”

One simple command is required to manually remove the Service:

DWRCS.EXE -remove

After the Service has been removed, you can then delete the associated files listed above.

Required files can be downloaded from here

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